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Values & Culture 

We work with the world prestigious factories and car tuners.

We strive to be at the forefront in customer service, products quality and variety in the market.

We recognize that our success is grounded on the respect we have for our customers, suppliers and associates.

We are constantly working to improve our products and processes with the objective of creating more satisfied customers and employees. 

We Always ensure that the applicable requirements and laws are followed in the organization.

Distribution like no other

Raiders Wholesale company offers the most comprehensive way to your orders fulfillment, distribution & logistics


-Maximizes the robustness to minimize the risk when the conditions change

-Maximizes the customer service 

-Minimize the logistic costs 

-Maximizes flexibility 


Our Mission 

At Raiders Wholesale Co. Our mission is to offer the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

Commitment To Perfection 

Raiders Wholesale Co. has been an integrated part of the Motorsport & automotive industry for several years. Our philosophy has always been focusing  on offering high quality products, services and customer support by supplying the best aftermarket products which gives all our customers a peace of mind while making buying decisions. We are dedicated to exceed our customer’s expectations, our passion for innovations is fulfilled by having a Research & Development team, working along with the best factories and engineers around the world to deliver new products to the global market and meet special customer needs. 

The raiders Way 

-Exceptional customer service.

-Quick and efficient respond to inquiries. 

-Arabic and English customer support

-24/7 Global Customer Service.

-Customized orders.

-Market research and products awareness.

Our Vision 

Ease of doing business with Raiders Wholesales Co. allows business owners to focus on the important opportunities of the times 


-Lowest pricing based on the aggregate purchasing power

-Spreading the power of optimism

-Put into actions through programs to help our customers

-Unconventional Solutions to expand markets 

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